LLGC Academy has several courses and products that promotes empowerment through advocacy, education, and training. Our self-paced courses are in place to support you through a trauma recovery and resiliency approach that only happens when trauma is holistically and intentionally addressed.

Students of LLGC Academy are individuals, organizations, and professionals in various fields who have seen the impact of trauma, whether environmental, accidental, man-made, and more. We equip our students by training them on how to self-assess behaviors that have or are affecting the workforce or themselves. Those experiencing internal/external disruption in their lives may have a mindset that views employees, colleagues, loved ones, partners, etc. as insignificant, As we have faced many unforeseen events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and other recent events, a Call to Action has been for issued for more conscious competent training.

LLGC Academy student will:

  • Shift culture of tolerance to a culture of empathy
  • Normalize mental health needs within the workplace and within ones self
  • Strengthen their partnerships to enhance the quality of care and services through a Trauma Informed Resilience Care Approach
  • Develop a Trauma Resilient workplace and community globally 
  • Highlight a healthy Trauma Informed Workplace and Trauma Informed Advocate looks like
  • Create and structure a business that supports a trauma informed/focused foundation for self and their staff
  • Understand the steps to restructure a company/organization, department, committee, etc. to be compliant while providing cultural humility, trauma informed/focused services holistically
  • Provide one-on-one coaching services with a Behavioral Engagement Coach, Behavioral Trauma Coach, and/or a Business Coach
Please note that if you are interested in multiple courses, you must click on each tab and enroll to the specific course, Behavioral Engagement sessions (one-on-one coaching), training consultation, and more.

"Took each course from LLGC Academy and I can't say what was least useful since everything was on point. I go back through the videos to get a refresher to do my work."

- Victoria C.

A Trauma Informed 501c3

A coaching and consulting training webinar for new or existing business owners/entrepreneurs either building/running their organization. This training deals with those unaware of how their internal, as well as external traumatic experiences shifting their approach, business structure, engagement towards personnel, client-centered practices, and the fairly present Imposter Syndrome.

A True Community Resiliency Approach

Through this customized training we tackle the stigma of mental health in BIPOC groups by looking at historical trauma, colonization, stigma, the need for allyship and advocacy, community triggers, recognizing coping skills, and more.

LLGC Academy Coaching

Where we take pride in supporting our clients holistically through our one-on-one coaching services (i.e., Behavioral Engagement Coaching, Business Coaching, and Behavioral Trauma Coaching).

Trauma Informed Advocate

Throughout this training you we focus on the aspect of understanding how trauma impacts one’s functionality in order to be subconsciously aware of one's healing process, engagement, triggers, competency, and purpose.

Trauma Informed Workplace

Through our training we ensure that everyone understands that not all traumas are life-shaping, consistent, or memorable but its effect can shift one’s internal, as well as external responses, identity, morale, and/or drive. 

Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Impostor Syndrome, Oh My!

Throughout this presentation you will be able to understand the importance of obtaining LLGC Coaching Support services as boss, leader, and individuals navigating the impostor syndrome you are facing daily, as well as how to combat it.

"I am grateful for this training. I didn't expect to cover so much information. Now, I know how to read a clients behavior through their gestures and what to ask to make sure I don't trigger them."

-Ben W.